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By Martin Rumack

March 27, 2018

Many clients, real estate agents, lenders, and others have personally experienced the easy manner in which they can reach me when needed; whether at the office, or after business hours including evenings and weekends. Many new clients and their real estate agents have expressed surprise when I provide them with my home number and cell number. Occasionally clients have had to reach me after hours due to unfortunate situations, and they are appreciative of the ability to connect at such times. I am pleased that from time-to-time a client has referred to myself and our team as their “Legal Compass”. During a recent visit to New York City for a visit with our son, my cell phone rang during Sunday breakfast at the hotel. Upon answering the phone, it was an agent calling from Toronto to inquire whether I could review a Status Certificate that morning so that she could present an unconditional offer for her client that day. It turned out the seller was my client so I could not represent nor advise the agent’s client — it would be a conflict of interest. Our goal is to return telephone calls and e-mails within a reasonable time frame. However, some individuals call looking for a reply before we have even had an opportunity to review an e-mail. We always attempt to deal with each client’s questions, concerns, and other needs in an effective, timely, and cost-efficient manner. We believe in the Boy Scout motto — “Do Our Best”!!

Our Website

I am pleased with the significant increase of traffic viewing our website. Not only has the number of visits increased, but the time spent on our website has also increased. From time-to-time, I write a new article for the website. I do receive telephone calls from people looking at the site asking questions and/or requesting legal advice for their specific issue about some of the articles on our site.

As I mentioned last year, we do track where visitors to our website come from. I find it interesting to see the different countries from around the world from which we occasionally attract visitors. Some of you may recall my disappointment in not having had any viewers from the North Pole — not even Santa’s reindeer – but I can always live in hope! I have still not had any viewers from Parliament Hill, nor from Capitol Hill. I was certain that by now either Justin Trudeau and/or Donald Trump would have paid a visit given their time spent on social media.

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