The Year 2017

By Martin Rumack

November 4, 2017

As I start writing my epistle in the early part of November, I am looking at the large maple tree which has only recently started to change colour. The sun is shining on the tree, highlighting the red, gold, brown and green leaves — what a beautiful sight! I will try to keep this picture in mind in January, February, and early March, as something to look forward to! It is a great escape from our troubled, messed-up world. What is happening to mankind? The climate is rapidly changing resulting in floods, droughts, widespread wildfires, famine, pestilence, etc. We are reminded on a daily basis about major segments of the human race who are suffering from the lack of food, shelter, clothing, medicine, as well as from the lack of peace and caring for each other.

On the world stage we are constantly bombarded with news of the world leaders and their daily pronouncements, threats, promises, predictions, and hot air!! We all know their names. It does make people question where society is heading. In a similar vein, while recently reading the National Post Homes section, I came across an article entitled, “Colour Trends 2018: Making Disruption…or Escape” with a sub-heading “Paint Offerings Are a Microcosm of How We’re Feeling About the World”. The article went on to say that colour forecasts are interesting “as a microcosm of how we are feeling about the world”. I find this to be an interesting and thought provoking statement.

Basically the article talked about when the economy is strong and people feel confident, colours are bright and dramatic; whereas, when people are less secure and pessimistic, people tend to gravitate towards toned down comforting colours (Saturday, November 4, 2017).

Certainly something to think about!

Do you agree or disagree?

What are you forecasting for 2018?

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