Hi Martin and Jean,

 Just sending a short note to say we received the package with the documents from both Luminus and your office.

 Thanks again for help to organize and finalize all this from both here in Toronto and while we were in Italy!

 All the best for 2022,

Jen and Leonardo

Dear Martin,

Your are the best.
Thank you, for your professionalism, your patience and co-operation,

Warm regards,

Vera Velkova

Martin Rumack Happy Clients

Morning Martin,

Just a note to say that we have received your report on the 90 Winchester sale and thank you and Jean for such a smooth event. I trust all is well with you all.

Our only stressful moments, now, are when we return to Toronto and face a city that appears to be entirely under reconstruction!

With appreciation,

Cynthia and David

Martin Rumack Happy Clients

Thank you, Marty, for your professionalism and your generosity.
I will be in touch.

All best wishes,


Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for your help and your condolences which are very much appreciated by me and the family.

Warm regards,


Hello Martin,

I trust that you are well and that you and your family have not been impacted by the pandemic.

On October 10, 2019 you acted for Natalie and Michael  when they sold the Eglinton West property to me.

AND!  that sale to me only happened because approximately 2 months earlier you kindly let me know that Natalie and Michael were selling,

Thank you very much for reaching out to me about their plan to sell! I’ve really enjoyed living at the Eglinton property this past year and I’m looking forward to another good year.


Martin Rumack testimonials

Martin Rumack testimonials

Martin Rumack testimonials


"Hi Martin,I took your seminar "Real Estate Transactions Involving Special Parties" last Friday in Newmarket, loved it and went to buy your book "Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents"...Thanks so much. I have been in real estate for almost thirty years and I was astonished at how much I learned from you. Your seminar is chock full of valuable information and I loved your generosity of knowledge, time and availability, and your support of real estate agents. I will definitely keep your business card handy."

Janet Coutney - Real Estate Agent


Thanks for your friendly call this morning and for all of your rigorous assistance in our nerve-wracking pre-construction purchase of unit. We're signed and sealed, just have to get delivered of our condo!"



"Hi Martin,

Are you not the bearer of all good news - thank you!!!!!!! I did not expect to hear from you until next week - your efficiency knows no bounds!

As usual, it was a pleasure (and a stress free experience!) dealing with you and Martin - thank you for all of your help! You are the 'poster children' for a positive experience dealing with all the legal issues - no wonder your firm is so successful! Can I be the spokeswoman for your next advertising campaign??????"

With warmest regards,



Thanks for everything, It's good to have you on my "team" and I appreciate your friendship and advice.

All the Best,

Lianne Krakauer, LL.B., M.ED

"Being a client of Martin Rumack's for over 15 years, it was a natural choice to include him as my legal columnist for my magazine and luckily for me he accepted! His articles are interesting and written with elegance.  

Martin's attention to detail and his work ethic knows no bounds and his book follows suit. Concise, pertinent and well put together". 

Monique Charbonneau, Publisher/Editor In Chief, Condo Elite Magazine

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your kindness. You are a prince among men. Thank you for your guidance, legal ability and kindness.



I really enjoy and appreciate the genuine care and guidance that you have for your clients, you make us feel special!

Thank you,

Robin, DanaMark - Watercare

“Thank you Martin.

It was a pleasure meeting you today and we appreciate the thoroughness of your document review.  We look forward to hearing from you regarding Tridel's response."

Best Regards,

Elaine & Peter

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