The Maple Leaf Forever – The Justin Trudeau Story

By Martin Rumack

March 27, 2018

In thinking about our beloved Nation, I reflected on what has happened during the past year — and also looked at my comments in last year’s Rumack’s Review. Our Prime Minister’s attempts to reform the Senate seems to have been lost with everything the Prime Minister has on his plate; nobody in the press seems to talk about Senate Reform at all.

The Prime Minister came away from his meeting with President Trump pleased with himself about his terrific meeting concerning the NAFTA review, and foolishly believing there would be no trouble in the renegotiation of the Agreement with the U.S. He certainly has been caught off-guard. The Prime Minister has tried to ingratiate himself at the United Nations hoping to secure a place on the U.N. Security Council for Canada. While this would appear to be a positive achievement, what does the Security Council effectively do? For the most part on any significant issue, Russia or the U.S., will generally veto any U.N. Security Council Resolution if they do not favour the specific Resolution. The United Nations has become a lame duck body!

The Prime Minister’s tax proposal for private corporations was certainly not well thought out. In my opinion, it was simply an effort to attract votes and in no way does it help the lower-level income Canadians. If Trudeau was serious about implementing major tax reform in order to plug loopholes of different legal tax shelters (i.e. the various Trusts), in order to collect more tax dollars, why did Finance Minister Morneau not introduce the idea of taxing people like himself who placed money into various tax shelter or tax minimization structures? As we are aware, Trudeau and his cohorts are attempting to eliminate the middle class in Canada by implementing their various tax grabs. Canada will soon resemble those countries having a small wealthy upper class and a large class of people who are economically struggling to get by.

Why were people like…. Morneau, and other Cabinet Ministers who did not comply with the requirement of placing their assets in a Blind Trust or selling these assets upon being appointed to Cabinet not forced to comply with these rules. Why were these individuals not penalized for breaking the rules? In my opinion, if Justin Trudeau permitted this breach of rules by Cabinet Ministers, what type of individual have we elected as Prime Minister — he must be replaced! The problem we currently face is who will replace him – since the choices are not much better.

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