Happenings at the Office

By Martin Rumack

April 17, 2019

Real Estate Law, Toronto

The construction at our office building has finally been completed after more than 2 years. The finished product looks good. For Starbucks fans, we have arrived with a Starbucks on the main floor by the entrance to the building. Loblaws’ new store opened recently and is a shopper’s delightful experience.

The team is keeping well and cracking the whip as usual – keeping me chained to my desk with barely a water break!

The Engineers (or “the Team”)

As many of you know, especially those who have been clients of our office for many years, I am blessed to have the ladies who drive the engine – i.e. our office. They keep the train rolling on the tracks, ensuring the engine is well maintained and running along the tracks.

As I have previously mentioned, the team consists of both the inside visible members, as well as the outside non- visible members. My areas of practice continue to include Business Law, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning and Administration, the whole spectrum of Real Estate Law … including the purchasing and selling of all types of properties as well as Commercial leasing.

As many of my clients and readers are aware, in the area of Residential Real Estate in addition to Condominiums and single-family houses, I also handle transactions involving Co-ownerships and Private Equity Co-operatives; see my website: www.martinrumack.com for information on these types of housing as well as many other articles. In addition to my practice, over the last few years I have on occasion been retained to give an “expert opinion” on certain real estate matters. This is certainly a challenging and interesting assignment.

Team Members

Julia has become a main team player and works well with Jean. Since last year, Julia’s focus has expanded to include handling real estate files, Estate Administration, some office administrative duties, as well as other matters. Julia has exhibited her warm, caring, personality as well as demonstrating the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in thinking through problems! I am lucky to have Julia as a member of the team – as are our clients. We are all pleased for Julia who has decided to become a homeowner having purchased a condominium unit to be built. In addition to her various outside interests, including delicious non-caloric baking, as recently enjoyed by all of us and some lucky clients, Julia every so often manages to keep me updated on various musical concerts – the names of the groups are generally not known to me; on the other hand, I sometimes mention groups that she does not know– so we are even!

All of us are pleased to congratulate Jean and her husband Howard on the birth of their second grandchild – a beautiful baby girl, a sister for little Harry! We also extend best wishes to the parents, Michael and Ashleigh, and wish them a good night’s sleep! We finally had the opportunity to meet Jean’s son Joe who dropped into the office while in Toronto on a visit from Whitehorse where he and his brother Dan have established a reputation as excellent builders. It was nice to meet another of Jean’s kids after all of these years! We are still awaiting the chance to meet Dan, the only member of the Glynn clan we have not yet met. Jean continues to thrive with the challenges presented by our clients’ matters and has developed very good relationships with a number of clients whom she has dealt with over the years. Jean is always there for me and our clients through “thick and thin” and has a calming effect on clients who are concerned! As many of you know, Sue Ingram, retired from the office last year and passed the torch to Jean. In this respect, Jean has also picked up some additional administrative work. Jean has always set and exhibited a professionalism which has helped me act as “Your Legal Compass”. Jean continues to keep me on the straight and narrow and make sure I stay in line. As though Jean was not fully engaged in spending some one-on-one time with Harry, she has been re-elected as President of the Board of Directors of her Condominium Corporation.

Sue is a real trooper and friend. Sue mentioned upon retiring she didn’t know if she made the correct decision for herself. After reluctantly letting Sue retire for several months, I needed some additional assistance in the office and Sue decided that while retirement was okay, she missed all of us and many of our longtime clients so Sue is assisting us from time to time. We are grateful for Sue’s willingness to be a “part-time” member of the team. Sue’s children are all fine and keeping well. Sue’s son-in- law, Justin, is almost finished his PhD program and will be teaching a course at the University of Toronto next year. Many of you remember Sue’s daughter, who has worked in the office in various rolls from helping stuff envelopes for our newsletter to helping prepare numerous drafts of the newsletter – again this year, to a full-time staffer for a while, to her chosen profession in which she is excelling. Keep up the good work, Michelle! Finally, Sue’s grandchildren are growing up too fast for Sue and are in various grades in elementary school – time flies!

The Outside Players

Alison, who has worked with me and our office team members, is always there for our clients and myself at all times, even at night. Alison will take my calls, emails, complete and assist me with title searches and other real estate related matter without hesitation. With Allison’s involvement with our searches, we have never had a title-related problem. Conversely, she has come across title problems on some properties our clients are buying which we have had the Sellers’ lawyers fix before we will close a purchase. Alison is a wonderful sounding-board and also a real friend. We are lucky, as are our clients, to have her work with us.

Last but not least, Lorraine and Debbie have the best interests of our business clients in mind. Lorraine has worked with me for many years and over the years she has been able to get to know a number of our business clients and understand their requirements. Lorraine’s professional approach and experience are invaluable in working with me and our clients, whether it is a routine or a complicated transaction. Lorraine’s ability to think outside the box has assisted me to work with our corporate clients in an expeditious, cost-effective manner. Lorraine’s assistant, Debbie, has also learned about my needs and expectations and has the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of many of our clients and is comfortable interacting with our clients directly.

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