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By Martin Rumack

March 27, 2018

2 St. Clair Avenue East, Legal Compass, Martin Rumack, Suite 202

As many of our clients are aware, the office team — better known as my bosses — keep me “trim and fit” by making sure I work and do not slack-off. We are busy all year round with our practice areas of Business Law, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning and Estate Administration and all aspects of Real Estate — Residential, including Single Family, Condominium, and Co-ops, and Co-ownership transactions, as well as Commercial and Industrial properties.

In addition, as many of my clients are aware, I co-author a book entitled Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, which is now in its fourth edition. My coauthor Rosemary Bocska, who is an excellent research lawyer, and I are pleased with the sales volumes to date but always want to see greater sales numbers. This latest edition was published in the Spring of 2016 by the publisher Lexis Nexis and is available at www.lexisnexis.ca/store or from the Toronto Real Estate Board bookstore. There are group discount prices available as well. I do autograph the books purchased at my office. I continue to teach various courses for real estate agents, provide presentations from timeto-time, and on occasion participate in panel seminars for the public. I also on occasion write an article for a publication or am interviewed for an article.

Sue Ingram

There is certainly some major news which has recently occurred at the office. My assistant, Sue, has after 34 years of working with me closed her computer, retired, and moved to Kitchener, Ontario where she will be a block away from her daughter Michelle and Michelle’s husband Justin. I, my wife Judi, our son Darren, Jean, Julia, Marian and all of our outside staff wish Sue all the best in her future endeavors including many happy moments babysitting her grandchildren, enjoying her leisure time, and being able to travel.

I personally want to thank Sue for her friendship, dedication, and hard work over the years. Additionally, her loyalty and continuous efforts on behalf of our clients, myself and our office will never be forgotten — Sue, thank you for the memories! If anyone wishes to send a note to Sue, her e-mail address is [email protected]

The Team

Jean continues to be a great leader of the team, taking charge of any challenge thrown her way: being a teacher to our newer staff; an easy, willing listener and helper to our clients; in particular helping answer clients’ queries and questions and making clients feel comfortable. Jean is a real loyal friend, and is dedicated to our clients, myself, and our team. Jean will research a client’s question if she does not know the answer herself. She continues to be the President of her Condominium Corporation – and that is true dedication. Jean and her husband Howard are really enjoying their first grandchild, Harry, who is the apple of their eyes. In fact, Jean takes delight in babysitting and helping out with Harry. Harry’s proud parents, Ashleigh and Michael, have acclimatized themselves as parents in raising Harry and looking after their dog. Jean and Howard’s other two sons, Dan and Joe, are continuing to grow and expand their homebuilding business in Whitehorse and as I understand are building an excellent reputation for the quality of their work. Jean has shared with me that Dan and Joe raise and grow some of their own animals and food — they are becoming self-sufficient.

Julia’s return to the team has provided an excellent upgrade to our team. Julia is quickly gaining more experience, accepting new challenges willingly, and is gradually becoming more and more familiar with a number of clients, who in a similar manner are getting to know Julia and are comfortable in calling and dealing with Julia directly. Julia continues to expand her work envelope as she gains more experience. Julia, in addition to her excellent work in the area of Wills and Estates, working with me in conjunction with reviewing New Home and New Condominium Agreements of Purchase and Sale, has taken on expanded responsibilities in handling real estate transactions on her own with direction as needed.

Marian joined the team in August. While Marian had a number of years’ experience working with law firms who handled insurance work, Marian is slowly getting acquainted with the different workings of a firm like ours as opposed to the workings of a large firm where staff are more pigeonholed in the structure and style of the larger firms. A number of times, Marian is the pleasant, friendly voice you will hear in calling the office. We welcome her aboard as one of the “Legal Compass” team members.

Alyssa, who had joined us in the Fall of 2016, left the team for a large law firm atmosphere, but realized the “Legal Compass” team is where she wants to be, and will return in mid-January 2018. We look forward to her return!

Lastly, during the summer we were lucky to have a summer student who had finished first year Law School join us. Josh Tayar accomplished and fulfilled the mandate given to him. He is assisting us from time-to-time as his schedule permits during his school year.

The Other Team Members

Lorraine and Debbie continue to do excellent work on behalf of our corporate and other business clients. Lorraine’s vast experience and excellence as a Corporate Clerk has been a major strength for many years in helping me assist our corporate clients meet their legal needs; whether it is incorporating a Company, preparing a Shareholders Agreement, or completing the Sale or Purchase of Shares or Assets of one’s own company or a competitor’s company. Over the years a number of our clients have come to know Debbie, Lorraine’s assistant, and will call her directly with questions they have. We are very happy that Lorraine and Debbie are part of the “Legal Compass” team.

Finally, Alison who has for over 30 years worked with me as our Title Searcher and Conveyancer, has always been there for me and our clients. Whether a client is buying or mortgaging their property, or if on the odd occasion there is an issue with the sale of a property, Alison is there with an answer or suggestion for me if I am stymied. Alison is similar to me, in her availability – day or night – which is why she has dealt with me for this length of time.

My Family

Judi and I are pleased to share the great news that our son Darren is no longer single and eligible, but became engaged during the summer to a wonderful partner. His partner is a Corporate Litigation lawyer who lives and practices with a fullservice firm in New Jersey. Darren and his partner will be married in May 2018. Judi and I are delighted and wish them good luck, good health, good success, and a long life together. Since becoming a law partner at the Klein Group, Darren’s own practice has grown to the point where he needs an assistant. I have actually heard some very positive comments about Darren as a lawyer from several third parties who have actually had Darren represent them or people they know. Judi and I are pleased to see the long-term results of the education he received both at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Relations and Vanderbilt University Law School. A good education pays off! We are certainly very proud of Darren and his accomplishments.

Judi, in addition to her other responsibilities and activities, has had the responsibility of making and arranging the wedding plans, since it will be held in Toronto, while Darren’s partner lives in New Jersey. Judi also spends some time with her mother who will reach the ripe young age of 100 in June 2018. My mother-in-law still enjoys going out to have a Tim Horton’s coffee and donut or cheesecake. She is truly blessed and so are we. To further busy Judi, she is occupied making sure I keep my nose to the grindstone and that I am not slacking off. Judi keeps the household on an even keel, is hands on with her office management company, especially with the comings and goings of our busy office, and makes sure to feed me and looks after me — a truly good wife! I am a lucky man! On top of this she is in charge of organizing our office Christmas-Holiday dinner every year, which was enjoyed by all of the staff again this year – – she is busy!! My own mother will be 95 in February, continues to be in reasonably good health, but unfortunately is suffering from Alzheimer’s and no longer recognizes her family.

Thank You To One and All

As has become my tradition, I thank our clients, friends, business associates, and everyone who continues to contribute to our growth and success in many different ways including being referral source. The best source of business is not paid advertising but word-of-mouth recommendations from parties who had positive experience experiences with our team, and are happy and comfortable enough to share them with their circle of friends, family, and business associates. Your loyalty and friendship are greatly appreciated and not taken for granted. Take a look at some comments on our website!

Finally, on behalf of all of us, we wish each and every one of you, your families, relatives, and friends a HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE, PROSPEROUS HOLIDAY SEASON! We all wish and pray for PEACE, KINDNESS, and no more suffering for mankind all over the world. Let sanity return to all of our WORLD LEADERS!!


Martin K.I. Rumack

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