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Finding the Right Toronto-Based Lawyer for Business Law

You need a lawyer that knows how to represent corporations, small
businesses, and startups in a broad range of legal matters.  I have experience in representing companies and professionals in areas of:

  • Incorporations (both provincial and federal);
  • Shareholder agreements; and
  • Partnership agreements.

Business & Commercial Law

In my corporate commercial law practice, I prepare and negotiate partnership
and shareholder agreements. I also offer the following services:

  • Meet with clients and advising them on the structure of the business entity,
    including different share structures if applicable;
  • Prepare and register Articles of Incorporation for newly-formed
  • Meet with clients and discuss various issues that should be addressed in
    the preparation of both partnership and shareholders agreements;
  • Prepare and maintain the annual minutes of corporations on an ongoing
    basis; and
  • Assist with negotiating and preparing Asset and/or Share Purchase
    Agreements and complete the transaction.

Business Formation and Structuring Experience

From the moment you decide start a business, you need the legal advice provided by an experienced lawyer that can guide you in the right direction. My corporate law experience can help you determine the right business structure for your organization, as well as any relevant divisions and how these affect your liability, financial matters, efficiency, and tax concerns.

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